Elea’s 30 years

On March 24, 2022 we gathered in Cukrana and celebrated Elea's 30 years.

At the event, hosted by the charming Miha Šalehar, we watched the video story of Elea and broadened our horizons with lectures by physicist Luka Snoj on the future of fusion and sociologist and philosopher Renata Salecl on empathy. In an interview, directors Andrej Pogačnik and Angelo Žigon took the audience through Elea's path from the early days to Elea as we know it today. Prismojeni profesorji bluesa, Aleksandra Ilijevski, cellist Lara Bešić and pianist Hana Bitenc contributed to the musical background. Our palates were pampered by Valter Kramar from Polonka in cooperation with the Fink house. The evening was full of sparks, laughter, dancing, singing performances, delicious flavours and great company.
A sincere thank you to all participants and to you, dear guests and friends!

Photo: Vid Rotar

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