Our advantages

We are a team with long years of experience in the field of engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology. We participate in numerous large infrastructure projects both in Slovenia and abroad, particularly in Austria, Scandinavia, Turkey, Italy, Serbia and Croatia. Our activities provide support to numerous small and large-scale projects of our colleagues from departments of construction, architecture, civil engineering constructions, and communal construction. We speak the language of the designers, we understand their work and we make part of a single team, in which knowledge and experience merges.

We see each project as a challenge and look for new solutions, this is why we devote a great part of our activities to development. We introduce modern technologies for remote data collection, advanced analyses for detecting geological structures, use of the clouds for storing and processing extensive databases, and 3D geological modelling, where we are considered to be the initiators of this type of processing and data display due to our considerable experience. We co-operate with a number of high-tech companies worldwide.

Our work stands out due to reliability, adaptability, expertise, and kindness. We believe that good communication with a client and other participants in a project is of key importance for reaching optimal results.


  • Preparation of geological and geomechanical, geotechnical and hydrogeological technical reports for all project phases
  • Organisation, monitoring, management and supervision of geological, geomechanical and hydrogeological field searches
  • Monitoring and supervision of excavation works and construction pits
  • Water well construction for the needs of groundwater investigation in industry, agriculture and drinking water supply
  • Planning and technical supervision over water well construction and arrangement of piezometers and their redevelopment
  • Preparation of expert opinions and technical reports for geologically demanding and hazard areas (erosion hazard areas, avalanche areas)
  • Obtaining permits relating to water rights and regulations, management of permits and carrying out procedures for obtaining water permits for the use of groundwater
  • Creation and management within water-protection zones (risk analyses for groundwater pollution)
  • Consultancy, assistance and client-tailored solutions concerning engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology
  • Geotechnical analysis and data interpretation
  • Geological, structural geological, engineering geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological modelling of soil
  • Mathematical modelling of groundwater streams in the form of two- or three-dimensional visualisation (modelling heat and transport of particles (pollution), optimisation of construction pits, pump wells and mines)


Let's start a project together and build trust.

Every cooperation begins with the first contact, so we invite you to send us a question or briefly present your project. We'll set up a meeting or send a non-binding offer.