Our advantages

Elea iC is a conscientious advocate of the use of underground for the needs of a sustainable development of the space. We look for solutions in a broad context. Our team joins experts from the fields of geotechnics, structures, traffic safety, public utilities, hydraulics, digital contents – BIM, numerical methods …

We are an integral part of a group of experts of the company iC employing more than 100 engineers in Vienna, Salzburg and Stockholm. As one team we share our experience, professional support and entire work infrastructure. Our team is young and has gained project experience in England, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Taiwan and elsewhere. We are permanently present in Austria and Germany.

We are flexible and are not afraid of bold suggestions. In co-operation with our colleagues from other departments, we know how to place them into a broader context.

We are initiators of the BIM approach in tunnel industry, this is why we have founded and manage several work groups (among others WG22 at AITES-ITA).

We are constantly developing new services in co-operation with our partners from university circles (FGG, TU Graz, TU Vienna, TU Munich…) and economy (Leapfrog, NZ; Deswik, Australia …)

In the past 20 years, we have participated in the construction and refurbishment of all tunnels in Slovenia.


  • Project documentation for all types of underground buildings, geotechnical structures and other related facilities/infrastructure
  • »Value engineering« before or during execution by using advanced methods
  • Construction optimisation by means of BIM technology
  • Support to contractors during bid preparation
  • Designer, geotechnical and expert supervision during construction
  • Preparation of project solutions to renovation or extension of facilities
  • All-inclusive monitoring of facilities and preparation of recommendations for the elimination of defects
  • Preparation of risk analyses according to various methodologies (TuRismo, DG QRAM, French, German and others)
  • Elaboration of safety concepts, safety analyses, safety folders and other documents needed when a facility is in use
  • Preparation of multicriteria analyses to assist in decision making about an optimal solution
  • Preparation of BIM models of the existing facilities for the needs of management


Let's start a project together and build trust.

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