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We are the largest interdisciplinary provider of engineering services and projects of our own in Slovenia. We are excellent in looking for sustainable answers to the questions of construction, living, transport, communication and ecology.

Structural engineering is the primary and original competence of Elea iC.

Structural Engineering

In the past 20 years, we have participated in the construction and refurbishment of all tunnels in Slovenia.

Tunnels and Geotechnic

Holistic contextual designs with ultimate responsibility towards a natural, built, cultural, and sociological context


We are specialized in the field of roads, waterlines, sewage and power or telecommunication lines.

Civil Engineering

Geology combined with geotechnics and hydrogeology is a starting point of each project.

Geology and Hydrogeology

Management of complex, diverse and wide interdisciplinary projects

Project Management and Supervision









Reference projects

Our goal is the successful implementation of an aesthetic, functional and cost-effective solution. Regardless of the size of the project, the location or the architectural design, we are pleased to offer engineering services at the highest level.

All projects

Experienced team with passion for challenges

We work together with customers, construction companies, industry and research institutions to develop customized solutions. The credit for continuous growth is the professionalism and reliability of all employees, while preserving the atmosphere of enthusiasm and efficiency.


Building Information Modeling

Our team of BIM specialists consists of innovative team players who have the knowledge and experience from different engineering fields in the first place. Passion, confidence and curiosity for new technologies is driving us to constantly improve our workflows, our products and everything we do.

BIM technology

Sustainable Business Transformation

At Elea iC we are building the future and the importance of sustainability, not only in construction but business as well, is becoming ever more critical. That is why we are laying the foundations for a sustainable development of Elea iC and are weaving sustainable approaches into the very DNA of our company. To build a future that will serve our planet, our society, and our economy, we have to put sustainability at the very core of what we do.

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