dr. Jaka Zevnik

Dr. Jaka Zevnik

dr. Jaka Zevnik
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Dr. Jaka Zevnik, MSc Civil Engineering

Project manager

Jaka Zevnik has finished his studies of civil engineering in 2002 at the University of Ljubljana. He started his career as technologist at Gradis GP and soon became researcher at the Institute for constructions, seismic engineering and computation of the University of Ljubljana, where he involved himself in the studies of seismic vulnerability of reinforced concrete viaducts with boxy pillars and defended his doctoral thesis in 2007.

Within the project VAST-IMAGE he worked on the development of a new device for semi active seismic isolation of viaducts and buildings, based on magnetho-rheological elastomeres.

Dr. Zevnik is currently employed as designer of building constructions and responsible design engineer and is working on several demanding projects, like the Northern Gate S1, Ljubljana, the Emonika City Centre Retail Bridge in Ljubljana, the Emonika City Centre Residential Tower and is actively consulting on the non-linear analysis of tunnel tubes.

Marko Pavlinjek

Marko Pavlinjek

Marko Pavlinjek
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Marko Pavlinjek, BSc Civil Engineering

Head of team Structural Engineering

Marko Pavlinjek finished his studies of civil engineering in 2001 at the University of Ljubljana. He started his career in Elea iC as student with the static calculation of building constructions and specialised in the dimensioning of all kinds of constructions, mostly the structural design of concrete and steel constructions. He is an expert for high-rise buildings, seismic engineering and dimensioning of steel constructions.

At Elea iC Mr. Pavlinjek is a partner and currently heads the team of several work groups for building construction design, is head of his own group and has worked as construction designer and responsible project design engineer on several projects, including the business and residential complexes Emonika Ljubljana, Trnovska Vrata, the Retail Complexes Stožice, Supernova and Spar, Petrol Gasoline services and the reconstruction of several churches.

Mr. Pavlinjek is an active member of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers as juror of the Disciplinary Senate and occasionally lectures as guest speaker on structural design at the University of Ljubljana.